Disability Equipment Assessment

Are you having problems and struggling to get out of your chair?
Difficulties transferring into the bath?
Struggling to get up the stairs?

We can offer you an OT home visit assessment, provide recommendations and advice on where to obtain appropriate equipment, funding sources and likely costs.

Case Study

Mrs Jones experienced a stroke. She was provided with a perching stool to help her cook in the kitchen and with equipment to help her transfer on and off the toilet when she was discharged home from hospital. However, Mrs Jones continued to experience difficulty getting in and out of the bath but was not eligible for further equipment from statutory services. She did not want to replace her bath with a shower.

One of our OTs saw Mrs Jones 5 days following an initial contact. An appropriate powered bath lift was identified suitable to her home layout. Possible suppliers and relevant costs were outlined within a brief report. Mrs Jones privately purchased a bath lift based on the recommendations. She was able to use the powered bathlift independently and now takes great pleasure in being able to enjoy a soak!

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