The skills and knowledge needed to work with adults and children affected by illness, injury or ageing are very varied depending on the needs and circumstances of the person and their family. For all professionals and carers, developing and maintaining the relevant skills and knowledge needed is vital to achieve continued improvement in the support and care provided to individuals.

For professionals and carers, continued development should be enjoyable and can be achieved through a wide range of activities. These can include learning by doing, participation in mentoring, group discussion, formal courses or conferences, reading, online learning and supervision. For the professional or carer, the benefits of ongoing learning are increased confidence, feeling valued, being credible and the ability to cope positively with new developments and change. This has benefits for those with whom we work as skills and knowledge are up to date and interactions with others safe and effective enabling quality care to be delivered.

Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists are happy to share their knowledge, skills and experience with both carers and professionals to assist with professional development. We have been involved with a variety of learning activities and these have included mentoring, practical demonstration of specific equipment, the provision of information sheets and protocols for care and rehabilitation interventions, working with equipment providers to deliver specialist courses and the provision of information and training sessions to both volunteers and carers. These have been tailored to individual needs.

Rehab Jigsaw also delivers face to face short awareness courses, specialist advice and guidance for individuals or small groups to assist with ongoing development. All training sessions and courses are interactive and practical with a completion certificate of competency. Rehab Jigsaw’s most experienced Occupational Therapists also provide professional supervision to other Occupational Therapists and healthcare professionals. This can be on a regular or case by case basis, and delivered through either face to face meetings or remotely via telephone or Skype.

Rehab Jigsaw would be pleased to be part of your or your teams’ development journey. Please contact our friendly team to discuss how we can work with you.