People are usually very happy with the home they live in and do not wish to move house when affected by injury, illness or ageing. Home adaptations can benefit people of all ages with health conditions, sensory or mobility difficulties or cognitive disorders by optimising the home environment to enable them to participate in necessary and desired everyday activities with optimum safety and independence. Home adaptations can range from smaller modifications including handrails, ramps and door intercom systems to larger adaptations to include stairlifts, bathroom modifications and the provision of full wheelchair accessibility. Adapting a home can enable a person to remain living near to family and friends and within their current social support system. This is equally important for young families and older people.

Occupational Therapists are experienced in assessing a person’s needs and identifying suitable home adaptations that enable the individual to maximise their ability to participate in everyday activities or to plan for the future. The assessment completed by an Occupational Therapist will consider the person’s circumstances, their functional abilities, their family’s needs, the environment and their wishes. Recommendations will then be made to the most appropriate adaptations. Following this, Occupational Therapists can then work with the person and their family, funding bodies, architects, specialist equipment providers and builders during the adaptation process to ensure co-ordination and that the person’s needs are met.

Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists have extensive experience in home adaptations with many having worked in local authority teams. Projects undertaken have been varied. These have raged from garden adaptations to improve accessibility for a lady with Parkinsons Disease, adapting a family home to provide full accessibility to a father of two young children, adding ceiling track hoisting and shower facilities to a home to enable a child to be cared for by his parents and arranging a stairlift to enable an older lady to live with her daughter where she could receive support rather than moving into residential care.

If your or a family member’s home would benefit from a home adaptation and you would like to arrange an assessment and advice please contact our friendly team to organise a home visit by one of our local Occupational Therapists.