Occupational Therapists (OT’s) offer a vital contribution to managing sickness absence. OT’s have a comprehensive training covering both physical and psychological health conditions. OT’s are experienced in assisting employees who have suffered an injury, or have an illness / health condition that affects their ability to remain in or return to work.  They are skilled in assessing a persons physical, psychological presentation and cognitive function. In addition, they are experienced in analysing the job demands of a persons work role and recommending potential solutions. Rehab Jigsaw is able to work with employers and employees in managing sickness absence.   


Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists are very experienced working with people whose physical, psychological or cognitive abilities affect their ability to fully participate in work activities. The OT will meet with the employee to assess the difficulties experienced. Consideration is given to their overall functioning and participation in every day activities. Information is gained on their work role, the environment in which they work and the job demands. Further to this, the OT has a clear understanding of the elements of the work role the employee has difficulty with. Assessment is undertaken through telephone assessment, face to face interview and / or practical assessment of the employees functional abilities. A work site assessment is completed to enable the OT to understand the ergonomic factors involved.

Through assessment, the OT gains detailed knowledge of the person, the effects of their condition / illness on their functioning plus information about the demands of their work role. Further to this, the OT identifies the barriers to the person remaining in or returning to work. The OT is then able to work with the employer and the employee to consider the barriers to the employees full participation in work activities and potential solutions. These solutions assist with enabling the employee to maintain their work role or return to work and manage their sickness absence. When a return to work is not feasible the OT provides information from which the employer is able to make informed decisions to manage the employee.

Managing Sickness Absence

Following assessment the OT will provide specific advice to assist the employee sustain their work role and manage sickness absence. This may include:

  • Providing the employee with advice and information on condition management
  • Signposting the employee to information, additional treatments or support
  • Assisting the employee to develop strategies to optimise their functioning for work  
  • Advising employers on modifications to the work environment
  • Giving information on assistive and specialist equipment that may enable the employee to complete their work role  
  • Formulating a return to work plan including any suggested modifications to the work role, work environment or the hours worked  
  • Completing an AHP Fitness Report. This provides the employer, employee and their GP with information on the practical modifications to help a person remain engaged with or return to work.

When a plan is agreed with the employer and employee the OT will be able to assist with its implementation. The OT will also be able to provide ongoing review as the return to work plan or work place adjustments are implemented, providing additional advice as required.    

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