Specialist Assessment

Require a telephone based assessment to determine your immediate needs?
Do you require a comprehensive INA and report?
Need a care review?

We can provide a range of assessment packages to suit your client needs and available funding. Our assessment report will identify functional problems, draw up relevant care or rehabilitation plans, provide specific recommendations and advice to meet an individuals current and future needs or aspirations.

Case Study

Dan, aged 42, lost his leg, below the knee as a result of an illness. He was treated in hospital during the acute stages and discharged home to the care of his family. He was linked in quickly with NHS prosthetics services and out-patient Physiotherapy but Occupational Therapy was not available to him in his area. His family referred him to Rehab Jigsaw and one of our Occupational Therapists was able to visit him at home within a week.

The Occupational Therapist assessed Dan’s abilities and identify goals. Dan wished to be able to use his shower independently and the OT suggested equipment to enable this. Dan also wished to be able to be more independent in a wider range of domestic tasks whilst using his prosthesis. The OT practised tasks with him to develop his confidence over the course of 3 sessions and suggested using an activity diary alongside his physical rehabilitation programme to monitor changes in tolerance levels.

The OT followed Dan’s progress through follow-up telephone calls over a period of 3 months until Dan felt confident in managing a range of daily living tasks independently.


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