Occupational Therapists are specialists in enabling people with health difficulties to complete activities, or occupations, which are essential to their daily living. Many people affected by health difficulties, either physical or mental, are of working age and some require specialist support to be able to return to and sustain their employment.

Occupational Therapists are uniquely placed health care professionals with core skills of task analysis, or functional assessment. Occupational Therapists provide holistic assessments to identify barriers to independent living and vocational tasks – we look at physical, psychological, social and environmental issues and identify strategies to assist people to become more independent.

Occupational Therapists in vocational rehabilitation work with employers, Human Resource departments, Occupational Health professionals, Solicitors, Insurers and Case Managers. Occupational Therapists assess essential job demands alongside a person’s health to make recommendations to return to work or remain in work. We focus on functional ability and assess, analyse and solve problems. We provide advice on reasonable adjustments and on absence management. Our intervention can improve lives, prevent ill-health and injury, educate employees and employers, treat the individual and save money.

Rehab Jigsaw Ltd was established by Occupational Therapists and is managed by Occupational Therapists. We understand your needs and have a team of experienced, skilled and professional Occupational Therapists to offer services across the UK. We are more than happy to discuss your specific needs – contact us for further details.