Piecing lives back together through Occupational Therapy

Our mission is simple:
We promise to provide specialist occupational therapy services in a timely and cost effective manner, to the highest quality and ethical standards to ensure we continue to meet our client’s expectations.

Why Rehab Jigsaw?

Rehab Jigsaw provides independent occupational therapy services throughout the UK. We have an experienced, professional team delivering bespoke yet cost effective solutions. We work with clients experiencing the effects of illness or injury upon their ability to complete day to day activities at home, work or in education. Rehab Jigsaw was established by Occupational Therapists and is managed by Occupational Therapists.

We can

Discuss the physical, psychological, cognitive and sensory barriers to daily life
Analyse the strategies to maximise independent function at home, work or school
Agree and recommend solutions for a better quality of life for individuals and their families

Rehab Jigsaw provides Occupational Therapy Services across the United Kingdom

Rehab Jigsaw can empower you to rebuild a better life picture

Can you manage your day to day care needs?

Fed up with being on a waiting list?

Need an equipment assessment fast?

Want advice and support to live independently?

Struggling to return to work?

Do you need practical support or services to improve recovery?

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