Specialist Equipment

Specialist Equipment

Rehab Jigsaw’s Occupational Therapists following assessment, may recommend assistive equipment to increase, maintain or, improve a person’s ability to undertake everyday activities for themselves or to promote the safety of either the person or those caring for them. Promoting safety and independence impacts on a persons physical and psychological well-being through improvements in their quality of life.

Specialist equipment to aid both independence and safety can be small and inexpensive items or much larger or very specialist items. Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists are skilled and experienced enabling them to recommend appropriate equipment for the individuals’ assessed needs and providing clear clinical reasoning for the specific item recommended.

Specialist equipment can include:

  • Small items of equipment for personal activities of daily living including dressing, completion of personal hygiene and grooming tasks, eating, and use of the toilet.
  • Equipment to assist with domestic activities of daily living, including meal preparation or managing a household.
  • Mobility equipment up to an including including powered wheelchairs
  • Transfer equipment to assist with getting in / out of the bed or bath
  • Seating
  • Moving and handling equipment
  • Assistive technology and telecare for home automation, falls and health monitoring
  • Memory aids
  • Low vision aids
  • Assistive equipment to enhance communication
  • Adaptive sports equipment
  • Adaptive play equipment
  • Specialist equipment within the workplace

The range of equipment available is vast and Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists, following an assessment of the individuals’ abilities and the difficulties experienced, along with consideration of their home or work / education environment will be able to provide specific recommendations to ensure that the most suitable piece of equipment is recommended. With this recommendation we are able to provide information on suggested suppliers, indicative costs, sources of possible funding and advice on VAT relief.

Case Study – Specialist Equipment

Mrs Jones experienced a stroke several years ago. She was provided with some simple equipment to help her to manage daily living activities at home, such as a perching stool to help her cook in the kitchen, equipment to help her to transfer on and off the toilet and in and out of the bath. However, Mrs Jones continued to experience difficulties with mobility outside of her home, managing chair transfers and using her bath, but was not eligible for further equipment from statutory services. The Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapist was able to visit Mrs Jones at her home with her family, to undertake an assessment of her needs which included considering her present and likely future needs. The OT recommended a mobility scooter, a riser/recliner armchair and a powered bath lift and was able to signpost Mrs Jones and her family to appropriate retailers. Mrs Jones privately purchased the recommended equipment and is now able to be more independent both within her home and her wider community.


‘Thank you for your thorough and helpful report’. SSAFA