Frequently Asked Questions

See below our responses to the most frequently asked questions we have.

How do I refer to Rehab Jigsaw?

Rehab Jigsaw was established by Occupational Therapists and is managed by Occupational Therapists. We understand your needs and have a team of experienced, skilled and professional Occupational Therapists to offer services across the UK. We are more than happy to discuss your specific needs – contact us for further details by telephone, e-mail or the web page. Contact Us We would be happy to talk through how Rehab Jigsaw can help you.

Are all your Occupational Therapists qualified, regulated and insured ?

All members of our team are registered, qualified Occupational Therapists. They are Enhanced DBS checked, appropriately insured, registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and are selected for their clinical experience and specialist skills.

Where are your Occupational Therapists located?

Rehab Jigsaw are an independent provider of OT services, established in 2015 by OT’s. Our 2 directors (based in Staffordshire and Co Durham are highly specialist OTs and have a combined clinical experience of (Lisa – 24 years + Lynne – 34 years). Lynne and Lisa manage the company and also carry a clinical caseload, as well as co-ordinating delivery of our OT services to our customers with administrative support. We have a team of very experienced OT’s working with us across the UK to enable us to deliver OT services Contact Us to a range of referrers in a timely and cost-effective manner, to the highest quality and ethical standards to ensure that we continue to meet our client’s expectations.

Do you have a waiting list for assessments?

No. We are usually able to respond to an enquiry within 24 hours and generally assessments are undertaken within 10 working days. If a report is required this usually follows within a further 10 working days.

I am not sure if an Occupational Therapist can help – can you advise?

In the first instance, please contact our friendly team and we will discuss your individual requirements and circumstances to provide you with an indication of how we could help. Further information on our services is available here Contact Us

What is the cost of services?

The cost of our services varies depending upon your particular requirements. Our friendly and responsive team would be happy to discuss your particular needs and provide costs details for you.

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