OT in Occupational Health

OT in Occupational Health

Rehab Jigsaws’ occupational therapy in occupational health assessments are extremely useful where a member of staff has:

  • Had several episodes of short-term absences.
  • Long term or continuous sickness absence i.e. longer than 4 weeks.
  • Possible work-related health problems or that existing health problems are increasing as a result of work duties.
  • An underlying health difficulty affecting performance.
  • Has difficulties returning to work following a serious illness or due to disability.

Rehab Jigsaw provides the following services:

  • Sickness absence management support.
  • Return to Work Planning.
  • Ergonomics Workplace Assessments (including DSE).
  • Job demands analysis and advice on reasonable modifications to sustain work.
  • Advice on employees’ rehabilitation requirements.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations.
  • Advice to employers to meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Health management advice.
  • Effective communication and reporting to facilitate return to work.

Rehab Jigsaw will provide the employer with a detailed report and, as appropriate, specific advice on your employees’:

  • Fitness for work: where the person has a health problem affecting their capability to manage essential job demands.
  • Return to work: if the person is currently absent, when they are likely to be ready to return and whether adjustments are required and if so, what type.
  • Rehabilitation advice: steps you can take that may enable the person to return to work before full recovery.
  • Future attendance: how much absence you can expect in the future as a result of health problems.
  • Future performance: to determine whether the person will be fit to undertake all duties upon recovery.

Staff sickness absence requires timely, effective management by experienced and skilled professionals. Rehab Jigsaw’s Occupational Therapists are dual trained in physical and psychological health difficulties. Our nationwide team of Occupational Therapists are all HCPC registered and have many years of experience in the healthcare industry. We work extensively in occupational health and undertake assessments throughout the UK.

We will undertake either a telephone or face to face assessment, following which you will receive a report to enable you to understand the difficulties experienced by the employee, possible reasonable adjustments and specific information to enable you to deal with any problems in a fair, consistent manner, balancing the needs of the employee with their job demands. Telephone assessments provide screening information from which we can provide initial advice and recommendations. Our more detailed face-to-face assessments are undertaken either in the workplace or at the employee’s home.

At assessment, the employee, will be interviewed about their health and the effects of any health problems on their work and home life. They will also be asked about other issues that may affect their functional abilities and for information about any treatment that they have received. Standardised assessments and screening tools may be utilised by the Occupational Therapist and information on the persons job role will be required to enable recommendations to be tailored to the person and their work role. In some instances, it may be necessary to request medical information from the person's GP.

We are also able to complete an Allied Health Profession “Health and Work Report”.

Following a return to work, Rehab Jigsaw’s Occupational Therapists may also review the person after a period of time to assess their progress and to provide further recommendations and advice to facilitate a sustainable return to work or to full duties.

Rehab Jigsaw’s support can make a real difference to overcoming the effects of illness or disability, regardless of the cause, to enable employees undertake their everyday tasks and work roles.

Case Study – Occupational Therapy in Occupational Health

Rehab Jigsaw was approached by a large, well-established Occupational Health provider to provide bespoke occupational therapy services to complement their existing professional team comprising of Occupational Health physicians and nurses, physiotherapists, and counsellors. Rehab Jigsaw’s OTs have specialised knowledge and clinical expertise. We were able to identify that employees referred to Occupational Health with complex conditions, which may include a combination of physical, sensory, cognitive and psychological symptoms were very well-suited to being assessed by our OTs due to our dual training.

The Occupational Health team regularly referred employees to Rehab Jigsaw for our specialised skills. We have been able to enhance their UK wide services and have consistently delivered timely assessments and specific, detailed reports.


‘I just thought I should drop you a note saying how grateful I was for your assistance in helping one of our employees, it was not the easiest of cases but I am pleased to report that the employee now seems much happier and your help and advice has gone a long way towards this improvement. We would have hesitation in asking for assistance again should the case arise.’ Employer