Evidence shows that good work is good for health (The Health Foundation, 2019). It benefits the individual, society and the wider economy and being in good work is better for health than being out of work. ‘Good work’ is defined as having a safe and secure job with good working hours and conditions, supportive management and opportunities for training and development. Good work improves health and wellbeing outcomes. Good work helps to prevent social exclusion and conversely, unemployment is bad for health and wellbeing, as it is associated with an increased risk of mortality and morbidity. For many people with long-term conditions such as mental health problems, musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and disabilities, health issues can be a barrier to gaining and retaining employment. Research indicates that those signed off on sick leave for six months have less than a 50% chance of returning to work (RCOT, 2020).

As Occupational Therapists (OTs) at Rehab Jigsaw, we understand that enabling people with health conditions to sustain, return to or commence work, and be productive within the workplace, is a crucial part of business. Around 12.8 million (31%) of working age people in the UK have a long-term health condition. 1 in 4 UK employees reported having a physical health condition, and 1 in 5 of those employees with physical health conditions also reported having a mental health condition (Gov Uk)). 1 in 4 adults will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year (

At Rehab Jigsaw, we are able to work with businesses directly as establishing healthy workplaces can go some way to preventing poor health in the first place. In an aging UK population, there will be an increase in the number of people with one or multiple long-term health conditions still in employment which can present challenges for businesses. We can provide early intervention and advice, such as strategies to manage the demands of work and workstation assessments and we can support developing or maintaining a culture that values staff health and wellbeing.

We accept referrals from businesses directly – from management teams, Human Resources or Occupational Health teams and our overall aim is to help those people with long term conditions in work and to work with employers to improve health and wellbeing services in the workplace. Rehab Jigsaw is also able to work in a consultancy role with businesses, manufacturers and retailers.

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I just thought I should drop you a note saying how grateful I was for your assistance in helping one of our employees, it was not the easiest of cases but I am pleased to report that the employee now seems much happier and your help and advice has gone a long way towards this improvement. We would have hesitation in asking for assistance again should the case arise.

Many thanks Lisa

Kind Regards


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