Housing Providers

Housing Providers

Rehab Jigsaw’s Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with social and private landlords and those providing support for independent living.

OTs have key specialist skills to address the environmental barriers that living with disability may create. Many UK homes are unsuitable for people with a disability or reduced mobility and in many situations, this poses a significant risk to the health, safety and quality of life of the occupants. OTs are skilled in assessing and exploring the needs and preferences of an individual in terms of their housing needs and providing manageable and practical solutions to environmental barriers, which are appropriate to an individual’s health condition and likely long-term needs. We also recognise that there can be a reduction in care costs, associated with creating more independence by reducing environmental barriers.

At Rehab Jigsaw, our OTs understand that there are differing levels of need and we are able to provide services from assessing for low-cost and easily implemented aids and adaptations to major works, such as for people who need wheelchair adapted accommodation or major adaptations such as ground floor bedroom and bathroom facilities, including assessing for Disabled Facilities Grants. We are also able to assist with using technology to support independent living in the home.

Many housing teams have their own OTs assessing people’s requirements for adaptations and we are able to offer support to those services to help to manage waiting lists and delivery times. For other housing providers, Rehab Jigsaw can provide both regular or one-off support for individuals and we are able to assist with this requirement on an as needed basis.

We are able to support people on a private basis with provision of re-housing reports. We can view potential properties with the person to confirm suitability and advise on any further works needed. We are also able to work with designers, architects and developers on initial designs for accessible properties.

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‘I was very pleased with the speediness of the appointment and the delivery of the report. I will be hiring you again for our other tenants who may need an OT report.’

Repairs and Maintenance Co-ordinator,
United Reformed Church Retired Ministers' Housing Society Ltd.


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Funding for Disabled Facilities Grant

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1 in 5

Disabled people

requiring adaptations to their home believe that their accommodation is not suitable.