Occupational Therapists (OTs) offer a vital contribution to helping those experiencing reduced function due to health conditions to promote participation in everyday activities. OTs have a comprehensive training covering both physical and psychological health conditions and the impact of ill-health upon many areas of life including personal and domestic daily living tasks, work, leisure and social activities.

In addition, they are experienced in analysing the demands of everyday activities and can undertake a detailed assessment of individual capacity and recommend potential solutions.

Occupational Therapy is the provision of practical support to help people living with illness (mental and/or physical) to complete everyday activities that are important to them – whether these be related to personal, domestic, leisure, social or vocational skills. It is these daily activities, or occupations, that enable people to live independently, with a sense of purpose and meaning. How would life be different in your day to day life if you couldn’t shower or dress independently, or perhaps undertake an essential component of your work due to a health problem?

Rehab Jigsaw OTs work with people of all ages and with a wide range of health care difficulties.

Rehab Jigsaw OT’s assess the complex interplay between the person’s skills and limitations, the social and physical environment and the demands of the task. Assessment can be undertaken through telephone assessment, face to face interview and / or practical assessment of such as an employee’s functional abilities. Through assessment, the OT gains detailed knowledge of the person, the effects of their condition / illness on their functioning and impact on participation and independence.

Rehab Jigsaw OTs are able to undertake assessments which are proportionate to the person’s needs and from the assessment, provide a report with clear recommendations that is clinically justified and appropriate to the referrers needs.

Case Study – Assessment

Dan, aged 42, lost his leg, below the knee as a result of an illness. He was treated in hospital during the acute stages and discharged home to the care of his family. He was provided with NHS prosthetics services and out-patient physiotherapy, but occupational therapy was not available to him. His family referred him to Rehab Jigsaw and one of our OTs was able to visit him at home within a week to undertake a detailed assessment of his functional abilities and barriers to independence. A report was subsequently provided to Dan which was tailored to his specific needs and environmental challenges and personal goals. The recommendations within the report provided Dan with information on home adaptations, specialist equipment and signposting to other relevant organisations..


‘The Occupational Therapist, Karen, was very knowledgeable, kind and sympathetic.’

Client’s husband.