Care Providers

Care Providers

Rehab Jigsaw’s Occupational Therapists (OTs) understand the importance of improving the general health of people who are dependent on care services or live in care homes and promoting their participation in meaningful activity.

The philosophy of occupational therapy means recognising people as individuals. The culture of Personalised Care will benefit up to 2.5 million people by 2024 (NHS England, 2020). This will give people choice and control over how their mental and physical health needs are met.

This culture aligns with the values of personalisation, as OTs are skilled in finding and tailoring individual solutions for people in different care settings and can work with home care and care home providers. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) highlighted the importance of having such expertise when looking after elderly and vulnerable patients in 2015.

Rehab Jigsaw OTs work with care providers to:

  • Promote structured and graded meaningful activity
  • Assess needs and recommend assistive equipment, adaptations or alternative strategies to promote independence
  • Review manual handling tasks to promote safer handling and reduce demand on carers
  • Provide professional supervision to activity organisers
  • Provide training on meaningful activity and its integration in everyday routines

For a person who has minimal participation in their daily routines and meaningful activity their emotional and physical well-being can deteriorate, with them experiencing physical decline, poor mobility, low mood, confusion and low motivation.

Working with care providers, Rehab Jigsaw OTs enable people to live their lives with the correct level of care and participating in activities that are important to them. This promotes dignity, respect, mental and physical wellbeing and socialisation within the persons community. For care providers this has a positive impact on the cost of care and overall customer satisfaction.

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Testimonial: “We have used Rehab Jigsaw as a consultancy to help us to explore encouraging residents to maintain life skills as much as possible. We have seen that when applied, dependency on staff has reduced and their mood seems to have lifted as they have some routine and sense of purpose. We plan to engage Rehab Jigsaw OT’s to work with some of our residents on an individual basis and provide specialist input in regard of resident’s abilities and specific issues such as seating and moving and handling”.

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