Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists work collaboratively with other professionals, organisations and businesses who manufacture and retail assistive equipment and products. Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists provide expert clinical insights and professional advice or training on a consultancy basis to promote the inclusivity of goods and services to people with either a disability or reduced functional abilities due to ageing. Consultancy services can be varied and include:

  • Accessibility – Providing advice on the physical accessibility of premises.
  • Information and marketing materials – reviewing the appropriateness and accessibility of information and marketing materials.
  • Training – Providing staff with training to enhance their understanding of people with specific needs and increasing the quality of a customer’s journey with the business / organisation.
  • Clinical support – For assistive technology retailers Rehab Jigsaw’s Occupational Therapists support sales staff to understand peoples needs in relation to assistive devices to ensure that the purchase made by the customer is appropriate to their needs and preferences and will be used, being integrated into everyday routines.
  • Design of the built environment – Working with architects and planners providing advice on inclusive design and practical use of the built environment.
  • Product development – Invaluable insights into product’s at development stage to identify the market need and usability of the proposed product for people with a disability or reduced function due to ageing.

Rehab Jigsaw’s consultancy works collaboratively with business or organisations to facilitate achievement of their strategic goals, to be inclusive and increase customer satisfaction.

Case Study – Consultancy

Rehab Jigsaw were approached by a housing provider for advice on a housing scheme that they were re-furbishing. The OT was able to work with the development team to provide advice, at the design stage, on the practicality of the proposed alterations from a user’s perspective, ensuring that the environment was optimised for people with sensory and memory difficulties. The OT further liaised with the management team of the housing scheme to provide information and advise on activities suitable in the communal areas. This enabled their activity organiser to optimise people’s involvement and active participation by considering activities which were appropriate to the resident’s physical and cognitive abilities.


‘The Occupational Therapist from Rehab Jigsaw was extremely knowledgeable and provided a valuable clinical insight into the design of the product from a user’s and carers perspective’. Manager, Housing Provider