Environmental Adaptation

Environmental Adaptation

Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists assess and make recommendations for environmental adaptations to meet individual needs.

Environmental adaptation provision has a positive effect on safety and independence. For Disabled Facilities Grant recipients:

  • 10% are prevented from entering residential care following adaptations.
  • 25% required less home care support
  • 18 % No longer required home care.

Environmental adaptations can have a significant impact on a person’s life when completed to meet their specific needs and promote independence and safety.

Environmental adaptations assist a person to manage either at home, at work or in the community. However, considering which adaptations are most appropriate for a child or adult can be a complex area with many difficult decisions. Often advice is required. Expert advice will ensure that the planned adaptations are suitable for the person to improve their quality of life. Rehab Jigsaw’s Occupational Therapists have considerable experience of assessing for and recommending adaptations to home, work and community environments.

Living at home can become difficult due to ageing, illness, injury or a long term health condition. Making alterations to their home can help a person to complete everyday tasks safely and with increased independence. Adaptations to the home assist with:

  • Accessing in / out of the house.
  • Answering the door.
  • Managing the stairs.
  • Accessing all the rooms in the house.
  • Using the bathroom.
  • Using the kitchen.
  • Making the home safe for the client and others
  • Accessing the garden

At work, adaptations can enable a person to remain at or return to work. This is helpful to the employer as they do not lose the experience, skills and expertise of their employee. Adaptations in the work place assist with:

  • Car parking and access in / out of a vehicle.
  • Getting in / out of the building.
  • Travelling around the building.
  • Access to toilet and changing areas.
  • Using rest areas.

In community buildings, adaptations may be required to ensure equal access to all people, young and old. This can include consideration of people who experience:

  • Mobility difficulties – Difficulties with access into the building and to its facilities.
  • Hearing / sight loss – Their access to information, signage and communication systems.
  • Dementia / memory loss – Problems with environmental orientation.

Adaptations are:
  • Simple alterations i.e. a grab rail, handrail, second banister rail, telecare or a door entry system.
  • Larger adaptations i.e. stairlift, level access shower, door widening, ramp installation or alteration to kitchen work units.
  • Specialist adaptations for more complex need i.e ceiling track hoists, vertical lifts, external step lifts, wash / dry toilets, dementia friendly environments, wheelchair accessible extensions and fully accessible kitchens.

Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists work alongside others involved with the person to assess, recommend and provide advice on the specification for the adaptation. Rehab Jigsaw Occupational Therapists provide specialist individual advice to:

  • Assess the person in a timely manner, identifying their needs.
  • Consider the home, work, school or community environment.
  • Make recommendations to meet the person’s needs, provide detailed specifications, and advise on possible suppliers.
  • Advise on possible funding options.
  • Co-ordinate estimates.
  • Check that completed adaptations meet a person’s needs.

Rehab Jigsaw has experienced Occupational Therapists who are able to assess, consider their environment, and make both specific and detailed recommendations. The Occupational Therapist will consider individual wishes and preferences and recommend adaptations to improve a person’s independence and quality of life, promote the safety of carers and have consideration of others living or working in the same environment.

Rehab Jigsaw will work with you to ensure that adaptations are appropriate.


“We do appreciate all the hard work and support you have provided us”
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"Lisa Harrison visited me at home to assess me as part of my DFG application when I was at my lowest ebb. She seemed to have a massive comprehension of what I really needed and helped me through the process. Both Lisa and her company have the capabilities and knowledge which have helped me not only to exist but to live and make plans for the future..a future that I frankly didn't know was there."
Client - JM